Standard Examples - 1 lot into 2 lot Subdivision

Subdivision Examples


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Subdivision Process Flowchart


“SCS saved me over $12k, a-lot-of–time and took away all the pain & stress of dealing with contractors and Council.”
Peter D’Arcy, Private investor/developer and Principal for The Professionals Real Estate

“Their (SCS) vast experience in subdividing residential property was apparent from our initial meeting as they thoroughly explained the application process, possible compliance issues, and the project schedule…. And, they completed the subdivision without any surprises.”
S. Millard, Property Investor/Developer

“I’ve developed several properties…the 1st one I struggled with myself - tradesmen, council…major stress! The 2nd handled by a builder took longer and cost more than expected! Then I was introduced to SCS. They know their stuff and their tradies are excellent… no stress, on time and to budget.”
P. Beauchamp, Private Property Developer