Subdivision Compliance Services are Project Managers & Administrators specializing in small-lot developments including subdivisions & small-scale construction projects.

Subdivision Compliance Services (SCS) have managed hundreds of small-lot developments across SE Queensland.

SCS have offer a suite of services specifically tailored to small-lot developments, which range from initial feasibility reports through development applications to engineering and installation of civil works and then plan sealing and title registration.

We have developed project management tools and processes to assist clients in the design, costing, contract negotiation and construction of houses or units for their newly ‘subdivided’ lots. SCS take all of the pressure and worries out of small-lot developments so that...

Subdivision Construction

Subdivision Compliance Services offer a Complete and Hassle-free ‘Solution’ to Small-lot Development.

Subdivision Compliance Services have managed hundreds of small-lot developments across SE Queensland.

Having successfully assisted hundreds of clients to subdivide/develop their properties, SCS have developed extensive knowledge of state and council’s criteria for developing small-lots. This means that SCS can assess a proposed development from its initial ‘concept’ through to the completion taking into consideration all the various stages of development; and without incurring any un-necessary expense. SCS take a very practical approach to small-lot development.

As a result of this experience, SCS have established an experienced network of professional service providers required to properly evaluate the proposed development and prepare the Development Application (DA) to council.

SCS has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the councils in SE Queensland; and as a result, can often get a quicker result to an issue by knowing what needs to be done and who in council to deal with.

Once council has released a ‘conditional’ approval, SCS will procure quotes from a proven network of qualified trades contractors to carry-out the physical works required to satisfy the ‘conditions’ of the DA Decision Notice. Then once the works are completed, SCS will compile the necessary documentation and write a Compliance Report for submission along with the survey plan so that council can endorse that the all of the DA ‘conditions’ have been met.

This will enable council to ‘plan seal’ the survey plan; after which, it can be lodged with the Titles Office to bring the project to completion.